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From the Director of World health Organization "Dr Margaret Chan

As bacteria evolve to evade antibiotics, common infections could become deadly, according to Dr. Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization.

Speaking at a conference in Copenhagen, Chan said antibiotic resistance could bring about “the end of modern medicine as we know it.”

“We are losing our first-line antimicrobials,” she said Wednesday in her keynote address at the conference on combating antimicrobial resistance. “Replacement treatments are more costly, more toxic, need much longer durations of treatment, and may require treatment in intensive care units.”

Chan said hospitals have become “hotbeds for highly-resistant pathogens” like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, “increasing the risk that hospitalization kills instead of cures.”

Indeed, diseases that were once curable, such as tuberculosis, are becoming harder and more expensive to treat.

Chan said treatment of multidrug resistant tuberculosis was “extremely complicated, typically requiring two years of medication with toxic and expensive medicines, some of which are in constant short supply. Even with the best of care, only slightly more than 50 percent of these patients will be cured.”

Antibiotic-resistant strains of salmonella, E. coli, and gonorrhea have also been discovered.

“Some experts say we are moving back to the pre-antibiotic era. No. This will be a post-antibiotic era. In terms of new replacement antibiotics, the pipeline is virtually dry,” said Chan. “A post-antibiotic era means, in effect, an end to modern medicine as we know it. Things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill.”

The dearth of effective antibiotics could also make surgical procedures and certain cancer treatments risky or even impossible, Chan said.

“Some sophisticated interventions, like hip replacements, organ transplants, cancer chemotherapy and care of preterm infants, would become far more difficult or even too dangerous to undertake,” she said.

The development of new antibiotics now could help stave off catastrophe later. But few drug makers are willing to invest in drugs designed for short term use.

“It’s simply not profitable for them,” said Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. “If you create a new drug to reduce cholesterol, people will be taking that drug every day for the rest of their lives. But you only take antibiotics for a week or maybe 10 days.”

Schaffner likened the dilemma to Ford releasing a car that could only be driven if every other vehicle wasn’t working.

“While we try to encourage the pharmaceutical industry to create new antibiotics, we have to be very prudent in their use,” he said.

But there are ways to limit the potential for bacteria to develop antibiotic resistance: Use antibiotics appropriately and only when needed; follow treatment correctly; and restrict the use of antibiotics in food production to therapeutic purposes.

“At a time of multiple calamities in the world, we cannot allow the loss of essential antimicrobials, essential cures for many millions of people, to become the next global crisis,” said Chan.

From the Director of World health Organization


On the internet there are many web sites

claiming their generator is the best!

See Q & A for further information

Most of the generators today work on the same principle: electrical current (low voltage) goes through one silver probe (+) and then through the water to the other silver probe. So basically all generators work on the same principal, the question is:

Do they cost the same?  NO, the imported generators generally cost more, so the next question is: How much do I want to spend on making my own Colloidal Silver water and how can I get the most bang for my bucks? The answer is go for the local product that will  to give you years of constant use without having to pay for the extra cost of the imported generators!

Not only that but we supply you with 6” or 15 cm long silver probes which are 3 mm thick and are 99.99% pure silver, unlike most other probes on the market which are only 2 mm thick, so they will last 10 years + instead of only 3-4 years!



The choice is a simple one, join the thousands who have purchased our generator and feel the benefits with both cost and health!

Don’t pay high prices for the imported generators. We also stock spare silver probes / rods,  TDS meters, plus Free shipping within Australia. Colloidal Silver water is easy and quick to make.

Stress is all the more reason to regularly take care of yourself and your immune system for disease prevention during the year in this fast-moving world.

Natural health is the best health and it is a strong base from which to confidently take on what life throws at you. Enjoy the moment and the journey.  

Thoughtful gift giving this is made easy with Colloidal silver. Give someone special a colloidal silver generator it’s a healthy gift to enrich their lives. Great gift for Christmas, birthdays, Mothers day, Fathers day, or just to bless someone you know!



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See the most frequently asked questions below

Commonly asked questions:

Q. Are your silver rods 99.99% pure silver

A. Yes we only sell pure silver, other silver may be 99.98 or less

Q. Is it better to use higher voltage like 27v for making CS?

A.  Beck who introduced CS 40 years ago used 9v and had amazing

results, so I recommend 12 volt for the safest and best CS

Q. What is the quickest way to contact you?

A. By email

Q. Is it easy to make colloidal silver?

A. Yes, anyone who can turn on a switch can make colloidal silver, it’s that easy!

Q. What sort of water is best to use?

A. I have found that Nobel’s Water to be the best, found in any supermarket in Australia, or a good filtered water from any home filter system or use distilled water.

Q. How long do the probes/rods last?

A. I am still on my first pair, eight years and still going!

Q. How long does it take to make a batch?

A. About 30 minutes for 250ml @ 10-15 PPM  (parts per million)

Q. Can I use metal container to make colloidal silver?

A. No, use either glass or ceramic, as metal will interfere with the electrical current as you make it.

Q. How can I tell if the generator is working?

A. Use a glass with tap water and insert the probes into the glass and turn on the generator. Select the highest voltage setting. You should see a milky white cloud come off the one probe (positive). This tells you the generator is working or phone us for further instructions.

Q. Do you guarantee the generator?

A. Yes we have a 12 month guarantee on parts, see below

Q. Does the kit come with probes/rods?

A. Yes the kit comes complete with everything you need, including instructions

Q. Is it safe to pay via credit card on the internet?

A. We use PayPal and they guarantee the transaction to be safe, neither they nor us ever get to see your credit card details as they are only used for the transaction and not held unless you ask for your details to be saved for future payments etc.

Q. If the Generator is faulty do you exchange it at no cost to me?

A. Yes, if the generator has a fault we will replace it at no charge to you, all you pay is the postage. (please send only the generator, not any other parts like probes etc. making sure to wrap it securely, We take no responsibility regarding Australia post for lost items, it’s up to you to register the item.)

If you drop the generator or water gets into the generator or in any other way break the generator, the guarantee does not apply and the warranty is void.


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Information & History On Colloidal Silver

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, noted that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. Colloidal silver was used widely until around 1938 when the FDA came into being and the movement toward synthetic antibiotics began to emerge. Although used by NASA on shuttle missions and international airline carriers, silver has all but disappeared except for hospital intensive burn units. A group of scientists in Pharm World Sci v.19 pp. 197-201 Aug., 1997, refer to colloidal silver as "an antiseptic agent added because of its known anti fungal potency." It has also been reported that having silver in the bloodstream increases the healing process of fractured bones. Small amounts of silver have also been used over time to preserve foods.

 Now you can conduct your own personal research using a colloidal silver generator to produce your own supply of colloidal silver.

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So what is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is defined as a very small microscopic particle of silver, .01 to .005 microns in diameter (four hundred thousandths to twenty millionths of an inch), suspended in a liquid medium. It is most commonly produced today by passing an electrical current over a couple of silver electrodes immersed in distilled water. This process forms an electrical current in the liquid medium causing silver particles to become suspended in the water. The particles are so small that one billion would fit into a cube four one hundredths of an inch in size. Colloidal silver is also an electrical colloid meaning the silver particles, have a positive electrical charge. Because of the small particle size and electrical charge, the particles repel each other and thus theoretically stay suspended in the water indefinitely and do not settle out.


 You would be fine just taking the Colloidal Silver with you.. Lots of it! Keep it out of the direct sun. Use it in your water.

Colloidal Silver has been used for:

Personal Items:

Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs, dental water-pic, razors and shavers, eyeglass frames, pipe stems, false teeth, contact lenses, headphones, hearing aids, telephone mouthpieces, watch bands,


Drinking water, juices, milk products, fruit and vegetable washes, opened food containers.

Water supplies:

Bath water, dish water, cleaning and mopping solutions, pet water, birdbaths, animal watering troughs, cut flower vases, swamp cooler water, water cooling towers, air conditioner filters, air ducts, laundry rinse water, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, humidifiers.

Kitchen uses:

Cutting boards, counter tops, sponges, sinks, garbage disposals, garbage cans, refrigerator.

Bathroom uses:

Shower stalls and shower mats, tubs, toilet seats, urinals, tile floors, doorknobs.

Other uses:

Mildew, pet bedding, pet food bowls, planters, plant foliage, pillowcases, sheets, towels and bedclothes, nappies/diapers, wash clothes.

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Invest now and set it aside for Christmas-birthday-or any other occasion.  A Colloidal Silver Generator is the perfect gift for a loved one, you will be remembered as long as they use the generator, it’s a cheap and effective way to make silver water for home use.


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Here is just a few of the studies and news stories that further illustrate the powerful technology in the New Silver water:


Particulate Silver Destroys Pathogens


March 31st, 2006 - Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City, UT

Noted Molecular Biologist and Microbiologist Dr. Ron Leavitt, Ph.D. has recently conducted tests to determine the ability of American Biotech Labs' nanoparticulate Silver Solution to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. His testing results against many of the world's most virulent pathogens were outstanding, including the scourge of institutional infections, staphylococcus aureus.


Staphylococcus aureusis the bacteria that causes infections in millions of Americans annually, killing more than 100,000 every year. The nano-silver product killed this highly contagious bacteria in minutes.


Dr. Leavitt's findings were so definitive that he stated, "There are no potentially pathogenic bacteria tested that this nano-particulate engineered Silver Solution has not killed."


The microbiological implications are very promising for reducing the level of immune system attacks that we must sustain on a daily basis. Our immune systems are so significantly overworked that the bulk of the population (98%) are functioning with only ten to twenty percent of the natural killer cells needed for a virulent immune system.


Dr. Leavitt tested against shigella boydii (dysentery, abdominal cramps, diarrhea) staphyloccus aureus (pneumonia, eye infections, skin infections, toxic shock syndrome, food poisoning), salmonella (food poisoning), e. coli (food poisoning, urinary tract infection, wound infections, respiratory tract infections), haemophilus influenzae (ear infections, pneumonia, memingitis, throat infections, sinus infections), enterobacter (skin infections, urinary tract infections, meningitis, bacteremia), klebsiella (wound infections, nosocomial infections, urinary tract infections), and many more. Not one pathogen was able to survive yet all normal intestinal flora were unharmed.





Tuesday, October 18, 2005 - FreeMarketNews.com

In a groundbreaking study, the Journal of Nanotechnology has published a study that found silver nanoparticles kills HIV-1 and is likely to kill virtually any other virus. The study, which was conducted by the University of Texas and Mexico University, is the first medical study to ever explore the benefits of silver particles, according to Physorg.





After incubating the HIV-1 virus at 37 C, the silver particles killed

100% of the virus within 3 hours for all three methods.


While further research is needed, researchers are optimistic that  silver water may be the silver bullet to kill viruses.


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