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So what doesn't colloidal silver do?

  • It doesn't interact with any known drug or medications.
  • It doesn't upset the stomach, and, many have said they noticed a improvement in their digestion.
  • It does not sting the eyes.
  • Medical journal reports and documented studies spanning the past 50 years indicate no known side effects from oral or I.V. administration of colloidal silver in animal or human testing.
  • Properly produced and used colloidal silver doesn't cause argyria (a permanent skin discoloration -Bluish tint).
    This was caused by overuse of silver compounds or silver produced by a grinding technique.

What to be aware of!

  • Only pure silver marked .99 fine should be used if the CS is to be used internally. Silver coins or bullion or .99 can be used for topical or general microbial use.
  • Only the purest water should be used for making CS that is to be ingested. The Colloidal Silver water should be of the highest quality  (Noble’s in Australia)


PPM and Size

PPM or Parts per million

This specification is misleading at best. What PPM really represents is the weight ratio of the amount of silver in solution to the weight of water it is suspended in. A liter of water weighs 1000 grams. So one PPM could be either one milligram of silver in one liter or one microgram in a cubic centimeter of water. Mathematically PPM = 1000 grams of water/ x milligrams of silver. Unfortunately this does not indicate how many pieces the x milligrams of silver is broken into. If there is .01 gram of silver in a liter of water, then the label should read 10 PPM.


For a given amount of silver, the smaller the individual particles are, the more particles there will be. Conversely the more particles the smaller each will be. If there were only 100 particles in a dose it could only go to 100 locations in the body, but if there were tens or hundred’s of thousands more interaction will take place. Another reason why particle size is important has to do with bio-availibility (the silver found in food is very small).

Metric system

The meter is just under 40 inches. The millimeter is about .04" or 40 thousandths of an inch. The micrometer is 40 millionths of an inch. A nanometer is one thousandth of a micrometer or 40 billionths of an inch. An angstrum is a tenth of a nanometer. The following discussion will use nanometers nM for all measurements.


The blood flows from blood veins of about 1/8 inch into capillaries with diameters that range from 4000 to 9000 nanometers nM.

Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells are about 7500 nM in diameter, 1900 nM high at the edge and maybe 1000 nM high in the middle. They resemble a bean bag that someone was just sitting on. This allows them to pass along the smaller capillaries by deforming their shape without bursting.

Capillary pores

The capillaries have slits that are about 6 to 7 nM wide. At the peak of the heart beat the water and other small nutrient’s in the blood are caused to temporarily leave the capillary to nourish surrounding cells. The fluid around and between cells is about 1/6 of the fluid in your body. It is called interstitial fluid and it is the means for nourishing the body cells that are not supplied directly with blood. Water molecules are about 1/20th the size of the slit pores so it has no trouble going through these small slits. Red blood cells and most blood protein’s can not go through. In the case of trauma or shock, these slits dilate and allow some of the protein to temporarily go through. When the capillaries returns to their normal state, the blood protein gets trapped on the wrong side of the capillary. You see it is the job of some of the portions to draw the interstitial fluid, mostly water, back through the slit as the blood pressure subsides between beats. This condition leads to stagnation whereby the cells no longer get fresh water and get rid of their old dirty water. This is otherwise known as edema and is the cause of swelling. I hope that was interesting, but the point is that if the silver or nutrient in the blood is not small enough it can not get to these cells to protect or to nourish them.


Virus are 15 to 150 nM with many in the range of 20 to 40 nM. Bacterium are from 350 to 1000 nM.

Clear Colloidal Silver

To not reflect any colored light (clear) the particle size must be less than 20 nM. Clear CS produced by a High Voltage method has been measured to be 1 to 15 nM., some are small enough to penetrate virus and capillary pores.

Number of particles

As mentioned at the outset for a given amount of silver (X PPM) as the size decreases the number of particles increases. It was not however made clear that the number of particles increase with the reciprocal of the division to the third power.


one half = two to the third power = 8 times

one third = three to the third power = 27 times

one tenth = 10 to the third power = 1000 times

Going from 290 nM (yellow) to 5 nM. (clear) produces:

Fifty eight to the third power = 195,112 times as many particles, each with the chance of knocking out a pathogen.



 You would be fine just taking the Colloidal Silver with you.. Lots of it! Keep it out of the direct sun. Use it in your water, to keep from getting sick. Drink it straight. Put it on your cuts, sores, warts... You couldn't go wrong take either a good quality grade Colloidal Silver


Colloidal Silver has been used for:

Personal uses:

Some have taken orally as a nutritional supplement. Some have used it topically for burns, abrasions, scrapes, sunburn, razor nicks, cuts, bandages, Band-Aids, shoes, toes, underarms, between legs, zits, acne, dandruff, douches, colon irrigation, nasal spray, moles, warts, eye, ear, mouth wash, gargle, used in your water pic,
in shampoos, diaper rash.

Personal Items:

Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs, dental water-pic, razors and shavers, eyeglass frames, pipe stems, false teeth, contact lenses, headphones, hearing aids, telephone mouthpieces, watch bands,


Drinking water, juices, milk products, fruit and vegetable washes, opened food containers.

Water supplies:

Bath water, dish water, cleaning and mopping solutions, pet water, birdbaths, animal watering troughs, cut flower vases, swamp cooler water, water cooling towers, air conditioner filters, air ducts, laundry rinse water, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, humidifiers.

Kitchen uses:

Cutting boards, counter tops, sponges, sinks, garbage disposals, garbage cans, refrigerator.

Bathroom uses:

Shower stalls and shower mats, tubs, toilet seats, urinals, tile floors, doorknobs.

Other uses:

Mildew, pet bedding, pet food bowls, planters, plant foliage, pillowcases, sheets, towels and bedclothes, diapers, wash clothes.

Q. I am trying to get the correct dosage to give to birds in their water dish. There seems to be a lot of information about human dosage and references to pets but no information on the dosage rates for pets.

A. A few drops in their drinking water when ever you fill their bowl or container

Q. Can I use the Electric generator for both making silver and the gel?

A. The electric generator can be use for both colloidal silver and the ointment/gel as the process of making colloidal silver is the same, only the amount of silver produced is different, e.g. you need stronger mix for the Gel, then the silver you drink etc.

Q. What sort of Colloidal Silver does your generator produce?

A. With the colloidal silver generator there is no colloidal salt in the mixture, the process of making colloidal silver today is a different method that used to be used in making colloidal silver in the past e.g. 20-50 years ago, using silver oxide etc

The colloidal silver generator produces colloidal silver in suspension @ 5-10 parts per million, with no colloidal salt present.

The slower the silver is released the finer the particles produced and the better the silver functions with each cell in your body.

By using the silver generator either the portable or the electric version, you will have your own colloidal silver to use.


Q. I have made my first batch of silver water. and all was as it should be. Although this morning when I took the water it seemed very clear and there was a lot of sediment on the bottom of the bottle. Is this normal?

A.  There are a number of issues, one being the water you use and the other being the voltage and time brewing.

You may have to experiment on the water and the amount
of time you have the generator on for, try lower voltage settings
and different water, mineral water etc.

If you have a lot of build-up on the probes, this can come
off and be suspended in the water and then settle on the bottom
of the jar etc.

Try hot water as this eliminates a lot of the oxidation on the silver probes.

Have a go at different settings and time, until you get the desired
mix, you may also use a non bleached coffee filter to filter the batch
after you have made the silver water.

Keep in mind that what ever the mix you end up with, it will be non-toxic
so don't be afraid of experimenting, I have used similar methods for
over 7 years and it has always been a benefit to my family, as we use
different types of water and length we don't always get the same result
in colour and taste, but the benefit is always there.

If you use Distilled water the water colour will be clear and this is the best outcome you can hope for, as it is the purest CS.

Q. Can I take CS with juice?

A. You can take it neat or with other liquid

It makes no difference, some times we take it with juice as the metallic taste is not always pleasant.



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