Colloidal Silver used on Animals and Pets:

Below are stories by people using colloidal silver for animals.



I raise show cats and one of my females had ended up with a cold! Not knowing better she sneezed and coughed all over her five wee kittens. Three out of five kittens developed runny eyes and sneezing. I called the vet right away and had them put on "moxilean and vetroplycin ointment for the eyes". A few days passed and the mom and two of the kittens seemed to clear but I had one kitten that really concerned me. The area was very swollen and there was no sign of an eye! I called the vet again and he met me as an emergency after hours. He took one look and was alarmed! He to was not sure if the eye had ruptured as there was nothing but white swollen tissue. We figured the kitten was blind. I was to take him to a specialist the next day to see what might be done. I came home and remembered that a friend had mentioned this stuff called colloidal silver would likely help his eye, I had nothing to lose at this point so I called him up. A fresh batch was made up (25ppm)and I began that night with the applications. I had at this time taken the wee kitten off all vet medications. I bathed the area, put a drop on and did my best to work it in.I also put a few drops in the mouth for good measure. I repeated this everyday. It has been 6 days now and I have seen a positive change everyday since I began with the silver. There is definitly and eye and he is now able to see from it! The swelling is almost completely gone. Amazing! I have now just finished ordering my own generator. Thanks soooo much! Heather



I have a pet sitting service and I believe in the natural way of healing whenever possible...my vet was amazed to see several of my successes--one with a badly scratched eye in a cat that healed so quickly he couldnt believe due to my use of c.s., two the rapidly healing of wounds in both dogs and cats when c.s. is applied and most significantly the prolonged well-being of a 21 year old cat with progressive kidney failure...with the use of c.s. internally he remained healthy enough to avoid many of the traumatic taditional treatments for this disease and interestingly enough and lending to greater belief in this by the vet, he had another client in the same situation with the same results...it is not only healthy, I believe, it works better than traditional prescribed synthetic drugs in many cases...and this is all because I was urged to try it for chronic Lyme disease and the many auto-immune diseases I encountered because the Lyme went undiagnosed for two years...I send my clients, friends and family to this website but would like to be able to have a comprehensive text to provide these same people especially as many still do not have access to the web....



I have used colloidal silver for many things, but my main use was on an Arabian gelding that I own. He had contracted a disease called EPM. I had taken him to a veterinarian that does acupuncture and uses a lot of homeopathy on horses as well as traditional veterinarian medicine. She had me put him on the colloidal silver. It has done wonders for him. He had severe muscle atrophy due to the EPM. Today, his muscles are almost back to normal in his croup and he has not regressed like many other horses in our area that I know have EPM. He has been off of it for about 6 months, but I still need a Robey generator to make sure I can produce a supply for him if needed. The regular vet that I use was against me using the colloidal silver, but I feel it really helped Knight fight the protozoa that attacks the horses spine and neurological system.



I believe my 8 month old dog had Parvo. She was paralyzed in her hindquarters and was having painful bowel movements. It was late Sat night 6/13 when I noticed the symptoms. After searching the net I realized the vets treatment was only 10% successful. I called the only one that would answer the phone so late at night and he had never heard of colloidal silver. He advised Pepto-bismol and bring her in tomorrow. Not wanting to lose the time advantage I had, I took matters into my own hands and went to the all night grocery store and bought a disposable douche, emptied it, and gave her 8 oz strong colloidal silver rectaly and about 4 oz orally. Within a couple hours she could stand for brief periods. The next morning she was walking, and by this afternoon, she is running all over. She is not completely cured yet, I plan to give her 4 oz a day (orally) for a couple more days. (I tried another 8 oz rectal this morning, but she was so much stronger, she put up a fight that two of us had trouble trying. Hope I didn't mess up by not insisting) This same dog has had ringworm cured in one day and some fungus type thing under her left eye needs monthly treatment of colloidal silver or she loses her hair on her face. (she's part Sharpe' and chow) She is very lucky I learned about this (colloidal silver) just prior to getting her. I don't think she would have made the night last night. I'll report the final outcome later. I would like to have her stool sample analyzed to see if it was actually parvo. If it was, the 90% mortality rate may be just plain IGNORANCE!



Our cat occasionally tangles with the neighborhood cats, as cats will. my daughter brought it to my attention that one of his eyes seemed droopy as it was late I said I'd look in the morning, the following morning his eye had completely closed the lid was showing the conjunctive tissue beneath and was literally foaming a green pus and smelled nasty. I took him to the vet and was told he might lose the eye before the infection could be knocked down. he had been swatted in the face and a claw had penetrated through the lid and into the tissue to the side and rear of the eyeball. I had just months prior had one of those nasty abscesses surgically repaired as it would not heal, it had cost a mere $100. the vet said it would cost less to remove the eye than to fight the infection. My wife had come home with this new "stuff" she had been told was wonderful and would cure anything, something called colloidal silver @ 5 ppm. I figured it wouldn't hurt as he would lose the eye! e anyway, I cleaned the area around the eye and opened the lids, putting two drops in allowed it to close and used my finger to gently rotate it, then opened it again and put two more drops in holding the lid up away from the eye then allowed it to close. the next morning I expected the infection to be larger, however the cat was up and staring at me with two eyes. granted the one was still "slightly swollen". I Was Sold!!!. I repeated the procedure and the eye the following morning was completely normal in appearance and the claw hole was closed! I repeated the procedure once more for general principles. I have since introduced more animal owners and friends to colloidal silver, Great "stuff".



I have been using c s for about 2 years. I have found it work well on a tremendous amount of ailments... My dog came down with a infection in his prostate. He was dripping blood from his penis. The doctor wanted to operate and remove the prostate. I took the dog home and gave him 2 tablespoons of 40 ppm c s. The next morning the dog was fit as a fiddle. My family uses c s for any viral or bacterial infection that attacks them. At present most of the people I know are using colloidal silver.



"I have a pet cat that started throwing up everything it ate. Upon taking it to a veterinarian, it was found to have swollen intestines and the foods couldn't pass through properly. So the vet gave me antibiotics which were supposed to help. He also said I would probably have to put it on steroids after using the antibiotics up. Steroids when used on cats cause feline leukemia. When the antibiotics were used up the cat was still throwing up frequently. So I started giving him some colloidal silver several times a day. Now he is getting better and rarely throws up after eating."



I have had many wonderful experiences with colloidal silver and the Robey generator. Here are just a few...

My friend's dog had annoying skin lesions that the vet could not seem to eliminate or control. He was about to prescribe steroids, when she decided to try the silver. She sprayed it on the lesions, and put it in the dog's water, and now he is nearly clear of the problem.

I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea that I am totally sold on colloidal silver and the Robey generator. I honestly believe that no household should be without one, and that it is the most useful yet harmless wellness apparatus available today.



I have been using colloidal silver for the treatment of athlete's foot on myself for some time, as it is a chronic problem for me. Colloidal silver disposes of the problem faster than anything I have tried before. Until my feet get wet for a few hours.
My wife and I are "Animal people", and have a lot of animals. We have been treating their wounds etc.. with the silver, with very good results. Our next test for the product (reason for buying the generator) is that during the rainy season here, our horses (3 of 5) have a chronic problem with "Thrush". This is the equine version of athlete's foot, and the treatment of this with silver at $16.00/ bottle is prohibitive.
We will check this out, and let you know the results.

Yours, Robert



"My son had ringworm on his arm. I had him apply colloidal silver water to the ringworm three times a day. In three days, it was gone. Also after feeding colloidal silver water to our pets they are more alert and gaining weight on the same diet."


I've used colloidal silver (5 ppm)his on my cat and it's helped him. The first time he had several daily unexplained bleeding nasal bleeds. We took him to the vet and that was costly. No explanation. So I tried the silver. My neighbor told me that she knew someone who had healed a skin cancer on a cat. A rash immediately healed up. I am just learning about the value of colloidal silver and am looking for all the information I can glean. I'm also thinking that in the near future I may start generating my own as in the end it will cost much less.

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